Episode 10: Neutron Stars With Bethany Murray

From Dave and Jocelyn’s paper on resonant shattering of neutron star crusts.

It’s episode 10. You won’t mind if I strut a little, would you? After all, double digits on a podcast is like double digits for a birthday. TiPhy is now old enough to ride its bike outside the neighbourhood on its own.

To mark the occasion, I’ve brought back Jocelyn and Dave, and set them free to talk about any topic they wanted. and what topic did they choose, but NEUTRON STARS. awesome.
they’re the mass of a star, but have the density of a nucleus.
To help keep us from muttering at our shoes, I’ve invited on my genius wife Bethany Murray. THIS SHOW IS FANTASTIC!!!

Guest: Bethany Murray

Physicists: Jocelyn Read, Dave Tsang

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_10_Neutron_Stars

6 thoughts on “Episode 10: Neutron Stars With Bethany Murray

  1. Hey — how come if Jocelyn is introduced as doing a post-doc studying neutron stars, and the episode was all about neutron stars, Dave did like 80% of the talking? I know they just wrote a paper together, and that’s cool and all, but still.

    • it’s because jocelyn isn’t sitting faculty yet.
      soon she’ll be introduced as that great golden hope: someone with a non-temporary job.

      as for why dave did all the talking. did he? huh. it’s not like this is scipted. that said the content isn’t *that* advanced.

      so to summarize: erm. eh?

  2. I love the resonant shattering theory of binary neutron stars you alluded to in a link. They get closer and closer together and find the perfect distance to create tidal waves on one of them that actually resonated within to build energy in one of the stars as if it was a wine glass in front of an opera singer until it’s destroyed by SOUND. Instead of oscillations of an electromagnet moving a speaker, it’s the revolution of another source of gravity changing the shape of the star in its specific frequency. And somehow that energy build-up unravels in the conversion of that organized motion into chaotic motion and suddenly you have things trying very hard to move away from each other. For that to be able to overcome the immense gravity exhibited by such a dense object baffles me. It all baffles me.

    Neutron stars are my favorite cosmic phenomenon. They’re so WEIRD.

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