Episode 12: Exiled Worlds on the Outskirts with Keith Hayward and Max Wellenstein

Posted Apr 1, 2012 by bn


Did My April Fool’s Prank Get You? Scroll down to the notes on the “special episode” to learn about what I did there.

Lets Talk about this fortnight’s actual episode!

Eris! Click on this image to see it Wiggle! Just Like We Talk About on the Show!

I’m sure you all remember how Pluto got kicked to the curb.

It turns out that Pluto is just one of a large family of worlds: The Dwarf planets of the Kuiper Belt!

We explain everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Dwarf Planets of the Kuiper Belt:

what’s a planet?

what’s a dwarf?

How big are Kuiper’s pants?

I have brought on two fantastic astronomers to aide me: Sean Moran and Laura Hainline. They’re married, by the way. That’s why they finish each other’s sentences. Also, they’re really smart! My sister introduced me to them at Harvard!

We explain everything to Keith Hayward and Max Wellenstein of the Henshin Justice Unlimited Podcast and Website. In fact, This whole episode topic was Keith’s Idea! See what happens when you email me at barn@titaniumphysics.com?!? GOOD THINGS


Listen after the closing bunny song to hear an interesting discussion on whether there’s a big giant planet the size of jupiter (planet X) out beyond pluto.

Physicists: Sean Moran, Laura Hainline

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_12_Exiled_Worlds_On_The_Outskirts