Swag Fun!

Posted Apr 8, 2012 by bn

update: There are some more designs I’ve added down at the bottom. they’re rad!

hi Everyone.

So we were thinking of making t-shirts to sell: It’d get us some money to pay our costs, and also turn youz into walking billboards! HA!

but we’re not sure about which designs we should put on the front and back!

I’ve got a few Ideas, and I’ve sketched them out. some of these could be on the front or the back! we can even mix and match.

If you would be so kind as to tell me (in the comments or by email) which of these you think are fun, and which you think are dumb, I’d be much obliged.

(by ┬áthe way, there’s an image in the 2nd to bottom row which is of a bunny which is sitting in a pocket. I was thinking of making the image breast-pocket sized. who doesn’t want a bunny in their pocket?!)


It turns out that Chelsea, a tiphyter from calgary, is an awesome graphic designer. she’s volunteered to help us with new t-shirt designs! What do you think? I like them!