Episode 13: That Which Lies Beneath The Ice with Andrew Johnstone

Posted Apr 15, 2012 by bn

Hey everybody. What’s the biggest, coolest thing you can think of? Is it Ice Cube?

goodbye little sensor, you’ll never see the sun again. Have Fun with all the Shoggoths down there.

If it was Ice Cube, the One Kilometer squared cubic neutrino detector buried 1 mile under

the surface of a glacier on the continent of Antarctica, give yourself a gold star. If you were thinking of Ice Cube, the rapper and movie star, he’s pretty cool but you were only correct in the phonetic sense.

So. To talk to us today about the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory, I’ve invited on the socrates of podcasting: Andrew Johnstone. Andrew is the Host of the Podcast Squared Podcast. He’s quite clever and very silly.

Ice Cube

Today We’re going to talk about neutrinos. To help us explain how a sheet of ice can be used to see the subtlest particles in terms we can understand (specifically, in terms of ducks), I’ve invited my old friends Ken Clark and Laura Gladstone.

It’s a good show.

Please note: After the bunny song at the end of the show, I’ve appended a bunch of the very silly conversations we had. It turns out that there are lots of silly things which can be said about antarctica.


Physicists: Ken Clark, Laura Gladstone

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_13_That_Which_Lies_Beneath_The_Ice