Episode 14: How Do You Spell Quasar? with Howard Tayler

I got an email about a month ago.

I check my fanmail, you see.

I googled a lot of pictures of quasars, and this picture is much better.

the person asked a question. they went “What’s a Quasar?!” and I was like “oh yeah… some kind of bright… galaxy? Or maybe some kind of Car from the 70’s?”. so I emailed Sean and Laura and asked them. It turns out that Laura is an expert. And then I got a textbook so that I could be in the know.

It turns out that Quasars are what happens when you dumb a ton of junk into the supergiant black hole that lives at the center of a galaxy. that’s AWESOME.

So I asked myself: who is a good person to talk about things that are of Galactic scale? the answer, I decided, is the author of the Hugo Nominated Schlock Mercenary  webcomic: Howard Tayler.

So then we made this show.

It’s a pretty good show, despite the sound quality. et tu, skype?

Note that there are some fun bits and bobs to listen to after the bunny song at the end. Sorry we went a little overtime on the main part of the show :( i’ll try to make it less interesting next time.

Physicists: Sean Moran, Laura Hainline

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_14_How_Do_You_Spell_Quasar


One thought on “Episode 14: How Do You Spell Quasar? with Howard Tayler

  1. dear, sean thanks for the implants they really do make you crazy … but dont worry i will get them removed and i will give them back to you in court!!! your nemasis or something like that …brett

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