Episode 17: See Spot Sun with David Malki!

So. Why does the sun have spots? Is It Acne? How are they related to the giant coronal mass ejections that whip out of the sun on occasion?

And Magnetic fields? how do they work?

Today, we’re going to go through all this and more with David Malki! the author of Wondermark, editor of the machine of death, and host of the Tweet Me Harder Podcast. This show got pretty silly, so I cut a lot of funny conversation into the appendix in order to maintain the 30ish minute timelimit between the songs. If you have any particular opinions on my timelimit, or my practice of cutting up the conversation, please send me an email. I’m thinking about how I could improve the show in the future.

Physicists: Brian Sullivan,Jennifer Garst

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_17_See_Spot_Sun

7 thoughts on “Episode 17: See Spot Sun with David Malki!

  1. Stan Lee had me laughing hysterically. Really good episode. I feel it is more than fine to just leave the moments that go off on a tangent in the episode. It makes the podcast more believable, natural, and organic feeling. Forget the 30 min breaks. Just put the music where it seems like it would fit best.

    • Thanks Zachary. yeah, I’m really conflicted. I’ll probably decide on whether to change formats or not by episode 20. or maybe sooner. who knows?

  2. It is the inevitable conflict of trying to balance information and entertainment. The fact that your problem is that you find yourself with “excess” humor (that you tack on the end) speaks volumes to the sense of humor of you and your guests. I have no sci. Background but love each podcast. The funny stuff at the end has served to cement my learning by making me review the podcast in my head in an attempt to locate the context of the clips, but change the format as you wish, I’ll not complain about how you present this thing you are making me for free :-)

    • well said.
      I’m trying to not be impulsive about this, so i’m asking everyone i can their opinion. I’m facing the old “should I tune my instrument after i’ve started playing” paradox.

  3. As a participant in this podcast, I have to say that I can see your dilemma, but there was a lot of fun in recording it, and I think the “unplugged” version at the end has some merit. I think you need to incorporate it into your design. We had a lot of fun putting it together, and that doesn’t need to be lost.

  4. I don’t mind the length at all. The first podcast that I ever followed regularly was a 1 hour show so that’s kinda the “standard” length for me. I always listen to the extra commentary at the end. The knowledge presented during the regular portion of the podcast is great but I love the fun humours sections as well. I wouldn’t mind leaving them within the flow of the podcast, could serve as “breaks” for listeners minds to digest some pretty complex and dense topic matter.

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