Announcement: SWAG

Posted Jun 25, 2012 by bn

Hey everybody.

bethany modeling a "the fruit of knowledge is sweet" shirt

We now have A Store Selling Stuff!

What Kind of Stuff? T-Shirts and Junk!

We’ve ordered some of it, and it has met with our approval.

Three Important things to note.

1) I’m still playing with the store a little bit, but the swag is all designed and ready to go. I’ll put links up on the side bar and start preaching it on the show in about a week.

2) Some of the shirts come off as kinda expensive. I’ve set all of the merch to give us a 3$ commission for each item we sell. all the rest of the price comes from the website. If you feel that the price is unjustly high, email me and maybe we can make the future better together.

3) Half of the shirts have been designed by Chelsea Anderson from Gearlight Illustration and Design.  (I felt bad enslaving her, so I am paying her a commission off of the commission I get from the website. Essentially, a pittance of a pittance. Philosophers debate whether such a unit of currency exists!) Which shirts? why the ones which look TOTALLY AWESOME. you should buy those shirts specifically, and then wear them to work and convince your boss to pay Chelsea a Million Dollars to work for you.

So. To Reiterate.

We now have A Store Selling Stuff!

thank you. keep science in your heart. and keep a drawing of a heart full of science on a shirt on your chest.