Episode 22: Falling Down the Stepped Leader with Elizabeth Bear

Posted Sep 16, 2012 by bn

photographs of a growing stepped leader and return!

I Love lightning and thunder. Pardon me if I talk a little *too* much this episode, but I’ve been waiting to make this show for YEARS. It’s AWESOME! I’m sorry about the sound quality. Also, Listen Past the End music, we talked about a LOT of fascinating things, and you can hear them all in the appendix.

Okay, So. First let me tell you about our sweet titanium physicists. There’s Amanda Bauer, the superscientist astronomer who blogs under the name Astropixie. Drop by her website and look at dirty astronomy pictures. Then there’s Zach Weinersmith, the author of the saturday morning breakfast cereal webcomic, and the co-host of the Weekly Weinersmith Podcast.

Now! let me tell you about our guest! It’s Elizabeth Bear, the award winning author.

Now, it so happens that you can listen to podcasted readings of her awesome stories. and so maybe you should! Maybe it would make you want to buy her books.

Shoggoths in bloom

Boojum Part 1, Part 2

Mongoose Part 1, Part 2 (boojum universe)

The Wreck of the Charles Dexter Ward Part 1, Part 2  (boojum universe)

When You Visit The Magoebaskloof Hotel Be Certain Not To Miss The Samango Monkeys


Love Among the Talus

The Something-Dreaming Game


So that’s a pretty fun thing!

Also, we have a Store. I’m not going to lie, this podcast doesn’t cost all that much per month. but it does cost something. So I’ve started selling RAD T-Shirts (thanks, chelsea anderson!). If you wear them around, maybe people ask why you look so smart and then you can tell them about my titanium physicists.

Physicists: Zach Weinersmith, Amanda Bauer

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_22_Falling_Down_The_Stepped_Leader