Episode 29: Dark Equivalence with Alasdair Stuart

Do you remember where you were on the night when Danny Devito  hugged his twin brother Arnold Schwarzenegger goodbye, climbed into to super-rocket, and departed for alpha centauri? Do you remember what you were doing when you heard, so many decades later, that he had returned? and do you remember seeing the photos of the reunited twins in the newspapers the next day? How old Arnold looked, while Danny  Devito hadn’t aged more than a few months? Remember how sad the two men looked next to each other: one shrunken with age, and the other also quite short?

This week, we are talking about time and black holes. About drinking alone in dark rooms. About how there’s no difference between falling and floating. About lonely twin brothers, displaced in time from one-another. about how GPS works.

This week our guest is Alasdair Stuart, a man of letters. You might recognize Alasdair as the host of the pseudopod podcast, wherein horror stories are read aloud by talented people (who can somehow abstain from doing bad impressions of bela lugosi the whole time). Alasdair has compiled his essays from pseudopod, and has published them as a collection. I am a big fan of these essays, and Alasdair is a  super cool guy.

This weeks episode is one of the best we’ve recorded so far. It’s a fun topic with fun people. listen past the end song to hear a conversation where we explain general relativity to Alasdair. OH! FUN!

Physicists: Dave Tsang, Jocelyn Read

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

 Transcript: Ep_29_Dark_Equivalence



3 thoughts on “Episode 29: Dark Equivalence with Alasdair Stuart

  1. What’s the largest black a black hole can grow to be?
    Is there a limit?
    Is it possible to know the answer to the first two questions?

    If the entire milky way and Andromeda galaxies were consumed by the black holes in the center of each galaxy, and those two black holes merged, how big would the resulting single black hole be?
    Larger then the size of our solar system?
    Larger then the distance to the closest star?
    Would this black hole be large enough to contain Donald Trump’s ego?

    • there’s no theoretical limit.

      well, except for “all the matter which is within reach”… which is finite in an expanding universe.

    • (incidentally… just between you and be, are we sure that Donald trump isn’t himself a black hole?
      he sucks a lot, and also there is the “no hair theorem”. )

      (never mind, that’s a pretty rude thing to say about a guy.)

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