Episode 31: Pushing Mirrors with Megan Harns

Posted Apr 7, 2013 by bn

Bruce lee performing experiments on the Cassimir Effect.

What happens when you take two mirrors and point them at each other? well, yes. infinity mirrors… Maybe some Kung-Fu.

but. If it’s cold enough, and dark enough, and there’s nothing else around it… the mirrors will SQUISH TOGETHER. I know, right?!?

The Vacuum between the mirrors is different from the vacuum outside them, and the difference sucks them together.

It’s called the Casimir Effect.

You can use it to build warp drives.

This week we’ve brought Megan Harns on, and she’s so clever! Quick. Like a Bunny!

Physicists: Tia Miceli, Mike Zemcov

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_31_Pushing_Mirrors