Episode 35: “Crater?! I hardly Know Her!” with Natasha Allegri!

Posted Jul 22, 2013 by bn

This is saturn’s moon Mimas. Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Have you ever wondered why craters all look the same?

well maybe you should have.

 because they all kind of do.
today we’re going to talk about how craters form, and how they work, and also about some awesome occasions where planets have hit large things from space.
Our guest today is Natasha Allegri, who works on adventure time and is the creator of Fionna and Cake (she draws the comic and it is awesome).
  She has also created my new favourite cartoon: Bee and Puppycat, which is a show about a normal lady who has problems, and then a magical pet puppy…cat…. thing. ADVENTURES!

Physicists: Lissa Ong, Charlie BarnhartIntro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_35_Crater_I_Hardly_Knew_Her