well this was a long time coming.

Posted Oct 17, 2013 by bn

Holy donk everyone,
i haven’t said anything because it always seemed to be around the corner.
at the very end of july, a day before we recorded the show with mur lafferty, we recorded a show about quantum computing.
but the audio quality was butt.
immediately after recording it, I drove across the continent, and then suddenly had a job interview, and then had to move to a new city and find and apartment. and then I had to start teaching a full course load with hardly a moment’s notice.
okay, so.. in the second half of august i finished editing the aforementioned episode. and i sent it to john. poor john. he works so hard.
and he chiselled and chiselled away at the horrible audio quality.
so i finally told him to give up.
the audio quality wasn’t going to get any better.
and it’s been so long since we released an episode.

so… without further ado. ..