Episode 38: Trons with Dave Shumka

Posted Oct 30, 2013 by bn

this is the TEVATRON. note the two storage rings.

this is the TEVATRON. note the two storage rings.

Who doesn’t like a good Tron? Tevatron, Cyclotron, syncotron, electron, positron, protron. Today we’re talking about PARTICLE ACCELERATORS. Everything from the cathode ray tubes your parents used to watch lassie, to the mighty Large Hadron Collider.

Our guest this week is Dave Shumka. Gentleman of comedy and podcasting. Dave Shumka  is an important guy. Aside from being hilarious, he’s also the cohost of Stop Podcasting Yourself, the winner of multiple canadian comedy awards. Dave Also has a famous dog.

OH! make a note. listen after the end of the show to hear a pretty long and hilarious conversation about stuff. like how french people can’t keep baguettes carrying sea-gulls out of their transformers.

Physicists: Tia Miceli, Ken Clark


Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript:  Ep_38_Trons