Episode 39: Pasta Matter With Sean Martin



So if you drill into a neutron star what will you see? The answer is fun. As the pressure increases, the electrons get squished into the protons making neutrons… and so as the pressure increases the number of protons (and electrons) decreases… and the nucleons form themselves into STRANGE structures. these structures are often described as “PASTA” because sometimes it looks like gnocchi, sometimes like spaghetti, sometimes like lasagne.

Our guest is Sean Martin. A pal of mine and a real cool dude.

Physicists: Jocelyn Read, Andrew Steiner


Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_39_Pasta_Stars

4 thoughts on “Episode 39: Pasta Matter With Sean Martin

  1. hi i just found this today and i tried listening to this pod cast but… i am not very bright so i have no idea what was going on. i hope it’s ok if i ask some questions?

    is pasta matter just how the atoms are condensing in the neutron star (like from their different forms of sheets and balls)? i don’t really understand what the neutron liquid thing was about either…

    i think the only thing i understood was that the gravitational force overpowered the coulomb force (so the protons couldn’t get away from other protons) and therefore it condenses …

    this is me: http://i.imgur.com/f9FW2.gif

    • hi! don’t worry too much if you’re having trouble understanding. we might have just done a bad job :p.

      okay, yeah. so in a regular atom, the protons and neutrons are all in the nucleus. a little ball shaped thing.

      but on the inside of the neutron stars, the protons and neutrons join up in weird shapes… like tubes and sheets.. instead of just little balls.

      hope this helps.

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