Episode 53: Consistent Variables with Lucy Knisley

Posted Jan 11, 2015 by bn

There are these stars that pulse.

051Apparently the Polaris, the north star, is one of them.

they pulse over the course of days, so don’t strain your eyes looking for them.

They are called “Cepheid Variables” and they can be used to determine distance between us and far far away galaxies.

Our Guest This week is Lucy Knisley! The comic author who draws her journeys through the world, through her meals, through her lifetime! (I’m pretty proud of that last sentence, linguists) . She has released a book last autumn (it’s great), and there’s another one coming out soon.  Follow Lucy Here and here.

This week’s episode is great!

this episode is SUPER LONG and SUPER AWESOME!

Physicists: Vicky Scowcroft, David Tsang

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_53_Consistent_Variables