Episode 55: Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser with Aaron Fischer



our guest is Aaron Fischer, who is a really great guy! we talk about all sorts of laser business. how lasing works, stimulated emission, space death rays, blu-ray players, laser fission, laser cooling. laser everything.

Physicists: Tia Miceli, Abby Shockley

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_55_Laser_Laser_Laser_Laser_Laser_Laser

2 thoughts on “Episode 55: Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser with Aaron Fischer

  1. Just discovered this podcast, and chose “Lasers” to evaluate it it (since it’s something I know a little about) – Very entertaining show, but a couple of things stood out: How lasers work, with no mention of “meta-stable states”, or, “population inversion” – really?
    And laser guide stars have nothing to do with moisture in the atmosphere – the laser passes up through the atmosphere and ionizes a layer of sodium atoms in the upper atmosphere, which then shines like a star. By watching how that dances around you can tell what the atmosphere is doing to the laser beam and compensate your telescope accordingly.

  2. I’m surprised you missed the Astronomical Masers, which act primarily in the radio regime (i.e. between 1 GHz – 100 GHz). There have been several known: OH, water, SiO molecules etc.

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