Episode 56: What “In Tangles” Meant, with Dan Harmon

Posted Jun 7, 2015 by bn

Oh my what an episode I have for ye today, my wonderful Ti-Phyters!

Dan Harmon has joined us! and he is SOOO CLEVER, oh my what an episode! We spend today talking about QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT!

this would make a nice painting.

this would make a nice painting.

You might not understand how hard I am working right now to keep from making puns about quantum entanglement.

For instance, I might say something like “As a theoretical physicist Erwin Schrodinger was a peculiar person and also a keen mathematician, and one thing he was often toying with was what we now call ‘Knot theory’. He always had a loop of string or three in his pocket, to play with on any occasion where he had to wait for more than a few minutes. As I said, he was peculiar… he also had a sweet tooth, and often enjoyed sucking on a hard candy after a long meal. One such night, after a lovely dinner out with his wife, he was sucking on a candy and the conversation became heated. He could not speak quickly with the sticky obstruction on his tongue, so he removed it and threw it into his pocket for temporary storage. Unfortunately, it stuck to all of the string and became a rather big mess. It wasn’t the last time he had to unravel a problem in tangled mints.”

you see? This is an example of I’m not the type of joke i’m holding back from telling you. I’m taking one for the team on this one.

This episode is wonderful. one of our best, i think. please enjoy it and remember to listen past the end music for more clever conversation!

Physicists: Katherine Brown, Ken Clark

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_56_What_In_Tangles_Meant