Episode 57: Two Photons Walk Into An H-Bar with Brian Cross

Okay So.

You make an lensing system which lets you COMPLETELY BATHE a single point in a TON of identical photons.

I took this photo from one of Nicole's Papers. LOOK AT ALL THIS DANG STUFF!

I took this photo from one of Nicole’s Papers. LOOK AT ALL THIS DANG STUFF!

And then? If everything works out, TWO OF THE PHOTONS GET EATEN LIKE A HUNGRY HUNGY HIPPO, and then spit out as a single photon with twice THE ENERGY. it has twice the frequency, so it’s a MUCH DIFFERENT COLOUR from everything around it.

SO CRAZY. SO AWESOME. you can use it to look at stuff inside a cell.

our guest today is a STAR FROM BROADWAY!! so fancy! If you’re in new york around now, he’s in a play called “Desire” at 59e59 theater !

Physicists: Nicole Prent, Jacqueline Townsend

Intro Music: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 

Exit Music: John Vanderslice 

Transcript: Ep_57_Two_Photons_Walk_Into_an_H_Bar

5 thoughts on “Episode 57: Two Photons Walk Into An H-Bar with Brian Cross

  1. I read in Nature 525, 7568 about cryo-EM, with 2.2 A resolution in 3D. Specimen needs to be flash frozen, so no dynamic imaging. But how does this compare for spacial resolution?

  2. I love the podcast. Nobody is covering this breadth of material in podcast form.

    BUT: please use less metaphors! This podcast was plagued by halting inadequate approximations, some of which were repeated four times in a row, finally jumping the shark with a Micheal bay movie comparison. I appreciate that the audience is mixed and that metaphors are helpful and entertaining for some material but the best way to describe science is with science. I think your audience understands that.

    Once again, love the podcast! Keep it up!

    • Haha, the metaphors aren’t only for the explaining they also make the podcast into a fun discussion. Just like the ones I have with my physicist friends… Otherwise, might as well be listening to a lecture 😉
      Great stuff btw!!!

  3. we can entangle photons and fire A at a target and measure B to get an “image” of the target.

    we can fire two photons and get a single photon back with the combined energy.

    can we transfer entanglement by firing entangled photon and getting a new but still entangled photon?

    how would the Other half of entangled photon be affected? would it “reflect” the new energy? would it keep the entanglement but be connected to the new energized photon?

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