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Episode 76: All That Glitters with Charlie Demers

Episode 75: The Undeniable Outward Push with Zach Weinersmith

Episode 74: Jinglebell Sweaters with Diana Goodman

Episode 73: An episode with glass with Bobak Ferdowsi

Episode 72: Moonquake

Episode 71: NeutriYES or NeutriNO

Episode 70: Muon, Science cat, Muon

Episode 69: Super Hyper Fire Hose Bucket Challenge

Episode 68: The Shadow of Creation

Episode 67: A Phonon Call

Episode 66: Life on Mars with Zach Weinersmith

Episode 65: New Ways of Looking With Elizabeth Bear

Episode 64: E and N (The edges of Einstein)

Episode 63: Worldbuilding with Patrick McHale

*NONEPISODE* ben’s feelings


Episode 62: Black Bells with Brent Knopf and Matt Sheehy

Episode 61: Levitating Trains with Erika Ensign

Episode 60: Meters of Interference with Ben Acker

Episode 59: Strange Truth and Charming Beauty with Ryan North

Episode 58: Extraordinary Evidence with Kathryn Cogert and Tim Dobbs

Episode 57: Two Photons Walk Into An H-Bar with Brian Cross

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Episode 56: What “In Tangles” Meant, with Dan Harmon

Question Barn 8

Episode 55: Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser with Aaron Fischer

The Titanium Physicists Podcast

QUestion Barn 7

Episode 54: The Way The Dog Ran Away with Erin McGathy

Question Barn 6

Episode 53: Consistent Variables with Lucy Knisley

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Question Barn 1

Episode 52: Through The Mirror With Patrick McHale

Episode 51: Tabled Tops with Noah Zimmerman

Episode 50: The Death of Spirals with Kat Griffiths

Episode 49: Parallel Philosophies with Christopher Reynaga

Episode 48: Domains of Influence with Brent Knopf and Matt Sheehy

Episode 47: The Song of Falling Stars With Robot Hugs

What happens when you’re wrong

Episode 46: Burning Twice as Bright with Alasdair Stuart

Episode 45: The Thumbprint Of Creation With Ryan North

Good news! I was wrong and now we’ll eat cake and make a show!

Episode 44: Radiation Oncology with Chad Jones

Episode 43: Approaching Singularity with Jesse Moynihan

Episode 42: Quantum Twins Talk In Code With Jesse Brown.

Episode 41: The Light Which Pushes Back The Darkness With The Tolkien Professor

Episode 40: Snow Lines and No Rhymes with Taylor Mali

Episode 39: Pasta Matter With Sean Martin

Barn the Bunny interviews me on the topic of Tardises.

The TARDIS time machine

Episode 38: Trons with Dave Shumka

Episode 37: Quantum Computers With ComicBookGirl19

well this was a long time coming.

Jocelyn Went On An Adventure

Episode 36: Useless Spheres and Wasteful Rockets with Mur Lafferty

Parsec Award Finalist

Episode 35: “Crater?! I hardly Know Her!” with Natasha Allegri!

Episode 34: Ladder to the Stars with Mookie Terracciano

Episode 33: His Dark Materials with Ben Caplan

Episode 32: Sailors take warning with Reuben and Steve van Breda

Episode 31: Pushing Mirrors with Megan Harns

Episode 30: Subtle Pursuits with Gareth L Powell

Episode 29: Dark Equivalence with Alasdair Stuart

Episode 28: Smoke Like Swirls on the Moon with Jordan Harbringer

Episode 27: Death and Heat Death with Cory Doctorow

Episode 26: Black Gold with Kai Nagata

Episode 25: The No Bear Theorem with Anne Casselman

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn

Episode 24: Higgs In A Blanket with Greg Proops

Episode 23: Quantum Tunneling with Justin Pierce

Episode 22: Falling Down the Stepped Leader with Elizabeth Bear

Episode 21: Things Fall Apart with Dan Jankowski

I want to hear Ben talk about podcasting in education

Episode 20: Time Dilates When You’re Having Fun with Mookie Terracciano

Episode 19: The northern lights with Nathan Lowell

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Episode 18: That Superconductor Episode with Ryan North

Announcement: SWAG

SBS! The Weekly Weinersmiths!


Episode 17: See Spot Sun with David Malki!

Episode 16: Drinking Superfluid from the Fire Hose of Knowledge with Kelly Link

Episode 15: Music From Before Time with Ted Leo

Podcast Mc Squared

Episode 14: How Do You Spell Quasar? with Howard Tayler

Episode 13: That Which Lies Beneath The Ice with Andrew Johnstone

Swag Fun!

Episode 12: Exiled Worlds on the Outskirts with Keith Hayward and Max Wellenstein

Special Episode: The Strings of the King!

Fun new Improvements

Episode 11: Of matters dark with Kai Nagata

Episode 10: Neutron Stars With Bethany Murray

Episode 9: Warp Drives With Zach Weinersmith

Episode 8: The Sea of Dirac with Ryan Haupt

The Extra Long Bumper Music

Episode 7: Extrasolar Planets with Ryan North

Episode 6: Gravitational Waves with Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey

Episode 5: The Dunes of Titan with Ryan North

Episode 4: The Solar Neutrino Problem with Amy Pollien

Episode 3: Time Travel with Christopher Hastings

Episode 2: Looking at black holes with Kelly Weinersmith

Episode 1: Big Rips With Ryan North

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