Poetry Barn


Being a bunny, my hobbies consist of sniffing, hopping and hiding the occasional easter egg. As a result, Some Ti-Phyters have started sending me poetry.

I decided to put it on the webpage for you to read.

If You decide that you want to write me more poetry, I will add it to this page.

Maybe one day there will be more poems on this page than episodes with Ryan North.
Maybe… One day…


There is a black hole
Eating all my physicists
Positions vacant.

nice work Leigh!

Titanium, Live!
Angular momentum has
Never looked so good

The Interesting thing about light, is that it never looks, but it always ‘c’s.

Subtle prize indeed
A useful guide for my life
Yet I hoped for fruit. 😉

Okay, you get a dragonfruit!

Good ol’ Sean Wrote us a good one.

Truth and Beauty Quarks?
This does not make any sense –
On Star Trek he’s gross!

who told you the universe made sense. It does not.


When Jocelyn Read sings a song,
The joy makes you tremble so strong
The neutron star crust
Starts shatter to dust
As neutrons all quiver along.
– Alex

High Quality!