I have ambitions when it comes to the show, and that means that I’ll need money to compensate the people who help me.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have much money of my own, what with being a poor country physicist. I don’t even have a permanent job.

(Don’t worry. The podcast will always be free. )

So, it is with a heavy heart that I’m asking for your help. You can do so in a variety of ways.

1. Single Time Donation through paypal (you can use a credit card)

b.t.w. I’ll send you an email when I receive your donation, and I’ll thank you by name when the next episode of either ti-phy or QB is released.

2. Recurring (monthly) Donations through paypal:

Payment Options

b.t.w. I’ll send you an email when I receive your donation, and I will arrange to set you up with a reward comparable to the rewards given in the Patreon system.

3. Patreon (automatically donations every time I release a new episode of the Titanium Physicists Podcast †)


(†: note, the Patreon donations will apply only to the release of an episode of the “Titanium Physicists Podcast” and not the “Question Barn” podcast which will appear on the same RSS feed. “Question Barn” episodes will be shorter, and will require much less work on my part)

 4. A T-shirt

you can buy a T-shirt, and it will be lovely.

4 thoughts on “SUPPORT!

  1. Thanks for you great podcasts I really enjoy them. I’m a recently retired old codger who used to listen to your podcast as I commuted to work but now I listen as I take peaceful walks through the frozen Wisconsin woods.

    I’m still figuring out this fixed income business so I’m starting out with a $2 reoccurring donation, at least that is what I attempted to setup (the PayPal email seemed to suggest it was a one time payment), I’ll keep an eye on it and make sure.

  2. Ben,

    Love the podcast. Decided to support you through Patreon and get you to your monthly goal. I hope it makes a difference and allows you to do more of the things you want with the show. Can’t wait for the next one!


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