SBS! The Weekly Weinersmiths!

Posted Jun 24, 2012 by bn


Well, I finally managed to do it. A last minute problem came up and kept us from recording this week’s episode.


Well, crap.

The good news is that everything is scheduled to be recorded within a day or two, so the show I was planning will be online next sunday.

The good news is that it’s a good opportunity to let me test the Substitute Brachiolope System. Wherein, members of the Brachiolope media network will use sister podcasts to fill in if a problem comes up. It’s a good opportunity to keep you guys happyfied, and also to let you hear what our sister podcasts are like!

Also, It’ll let us take a vacation once in a while.

Anyway! I thought I’d give it a try.

So to tide you over till next week, here’s the Weekly Weinersmith. Kelly and Zach (from TiPhy episodes 2 and 9 respecively) are going to talk to a bad astronomer. no wait. THE bad astronomer. Is he bad like Michael Jackson? or bad like my undergraduate honours thesis? maybe his telescope is backwards. You had better listen to the show to see.

Here’s the Show’s permalink. 

Speak you next Week.