There Sure is a Lot of Physics out there. and eventually the Titanium Physicists will talk about ALL of it.

But Maybe you don’t like ALL KNOWLEDGE. maybe your tastes only favour a specific type of knowledge. Well, on this page I’m going to list all of our episodes according to the topics they cover. That way, you can listen to your astronomy topics without having to hear any of that DURN CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS!

Particle Physics

Episode 4 The Solar Neutrino Problem

Episode 11 Dark Matter

Episode 13 The Ice Cube Neutrino Detector

Episode 15 Acoustic Waves in the CMB

Episode 20 Special Relativity

Episode 21 Particle Decay

Episode 23 Quantum Tunneling

Episode 24 The Higgs Mechanism

Episode 30: Particle Detectors

Episode 31: Vacuum Energy

Episode 32: Rayleigh Scattering

Episode 38 Particle Accelerators

General Relativity

Episode 1 Big Rips

Episode 2 Looking for Black Holes

Episode 3 Time Travel

Episode 6 Gravitational Waves

Episode 9 Warp Drives

Episode 10 Neutron Stars

Episode 14 Quasars

Episode 15 Acoustic Waves in the CMB

Episode 20 Special Relativity

Episode 25 Falling into a black hole

Episode 26 Energy Extraction from black holes

Episode 29 Time and black holes

Episode 33 Dark Energy

Episode 34 The Hubble Constant

Quantum Mechanics

Episode 8 The Dirac Sea

Episode 10 Neutron Stars

Episode 11 Dark Matter

Episode 16 Superfluids

Episode 18 Superconductors

Episode 19 Aurora

Episode 21 Particle Decay

Episode 23 Quantum Tunneling

Episode 24 The Higgs Mechanism

Episode 29 Time and black holes

Episode 31: Vacuum Energy

Episode 33 Dark Energy

Episode 37: Quantum Computers


Episode 1 Big Rips

Episode 2 Looking for Black Holes

Episode 4 The Solar Neutrino Problem

Episode 5 The Dunes of Titan

Episode 6 Gravitational Waves

Episode 7 Extrasolar Planets

Episode 10 Neutron Stars

Episode 11 Dark Matter

Episode 12 Dwarf Planets of the Kuiper Belt

Episode 13 The Ice Cube Neutrino Detector

Episode 14 Quasars

Episode 15 Acoustic Waves in the CMB

Episode 19 Aurora

Episode 22 Lightning

Episode 26 Energy from Black holes

Episode 28 Lunar Swirls

Episode 29 Time and black holes

Episode 31: Vacuum Energy

Episode 32: Rayleigh Scattering

Episode 33 Dark Energy

Episode 34 The Cosmological Distance Ladder

Condensed Matter Physics

Episode 8 The Dirac Sea

Episode 16 Superfluids

Episode 18 Superconductors

Magnets How do they work?

Episode 17 Sunspots

Episode 18 Superconductors

Episode 19 Aurora

Episode 28 Lunar swirls

Sun Physics

Episode 4 The Solar Neutrino Problem

Episode 17 Sunspots

Episode 19 Aurora
Episode 23 Quantum Tunneling
Episode 32: Rayleigh Scattering

Episode 34 Cepheid Variables

Atmospheric Physics

Episode 22 Lightning

Episode 32: Rayleigh Scattering

The Discovery of the Higgs Boson

Episode 21 Particle Decay

Episode 24 The Higgs Mechanism

Episode 30 Particle Detectors

Episode 38 Particle Accelerators


Why Things Die

Episode 27 Entropy

Episode 1 Big Rips

Episode 25 Falling into a black hole

Episode 29 Time and black holes



Episode 27 Entropy


14 thoughts on “Topics

  1. hey! I love the podcast! I just started listening to it about a week ago and I’m hooked haha I was hoping that maybe you could put an episode together regarding entanglement!! I’ve been doing some research on it lately and i find it fascinating. I figured with the amazing metaphors you come up with on your podcast, I’ll be able to get a really good grasp on the topic. Thank You!!

    • hey Ian! I’m glad you like it.
      I have been thinking about an episode on entanglement or quantum information for a while.
      i don’t have the right people to do a show on it yet, though. but i’m still looking.
      so keep listening. and it’ll eventually happen.

  2. Hey,

    Love the podcast. I’ve listened to every single one. Good stuff.

    I was just listening to the latest episode, about the swirls on the moon and the introduction got me excited. I thought you were going to talk about the physics of fire. As a kind of pyromaniac, I was hoping you could do an episode one of these days about fire. What do you think?


  3. Hey,

    I’ve started going through your podcast in the last week and I’m about a halfway through. You guys have some really elucidating discussions. Is there any chance you can cover either “supersymmetry” and/or “theory of everything.”


    • mayyybeee.

      I like to focus on topics which have some kind of experimental or observational verification.

      supersymmetry is… well it’s not fringe… lots of people like it and believe in it and work on it. but it’s not verified either.

      I’ll give it a little think… it’s a good suggestion.

  4. Hello sweeties!
    I am amazed by the work of you and very interested. Despite being only 13, I drew some theories, as well as understanding the “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” I study physics on my own. I would talk to my theory some of you who are experienced. Therefore, you might find me in my profile. I hope my theory will serve for something.

  5. Great podcast. Listen to one every morning with my cup of coffee.

    Bought a T-shirt… the ultimate approval of experience!

  6. Ben,

    Great podcast! I found it only recently, but I’m hooked. I particularly appreciate how you do not dumb-down difficult or non-intuitive ideas. Analogies are great, and you have plenty of fun ones, but you don’t just gloss over difficult concepts with poor analogies. Outside of an actual university (and sometimes even within them), it is very difficult to find such thoughtful and honest discussion of physics.

    One topic suggestion for you: I have done a bit of reading about the black hole information paradox and the holographic principle, but have never really felt comfortable with these ideas (especially the holographic principle). I can think of no one better to attempt to explain such a non-intuitive hypothesis about our universe.

    Thanks again for the great show.

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